Monday, August 24, 2015

Malifaux Relic Huners

Initially as I was looking over the boxed sets that were available, at the time this Malifaux Relic Hunters boxed set was probably my favorite one because it really has the Victorian Steampunk style that everyone seems to like so much. There are a lot of characters here in the 3 wastrel models and you could actually spend a lot of time on each one giving them more flamboyant scarfs, handkerchiefs, suits and shirt colors. The same goes for some of the models in the Lucius boxed set. You have to love the dog Luna (ohh, so cute). Sedir is another one you could really go to town on with an elaborate color scheme. It all hinges on Indiana Jones, I mean McCabe. He gets a mounted and dismounted model in this boxed set which actually kind of upset me because I painted the same model twice plus a horse! I actually prefer the dismounted model as I hate painting horses.

He's coming off looking a lot like Bruce Campbell where as mounted he looks more manga.

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