Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flames of War Tournament

Here are some pictures of a Flames of War tournament I attended at The Whiz store in Westborough, Massachusetts. The owner of The Whiz personally loves FOW and so they carry a wide range of products and they have a tournament (usually late war) at least once a month. They also have boxes upon boxes of terrain and playing mats and game boards. I have to say that they do a great job with this particular game. I try and attend when I feel up to the challenge. It was well attended as far as events like these go including a dedicated FOW group from Connecticut and some folks from Pennsylvania. I have played with some of these guys several times.

Here I tried to take a picture of the tables that were set up for the tournament.

Game 1. My opponent had almost all stugs.

Game 2. My opponent had 8 hellcats and veteran infantry which he had dug in around the objective.

Game 3. My opponent had 2 king tigers and veteran infantry in a building along with other elements hidden in the field.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Malifaux Relic Huners

Initially as I was looking over the boxed sets that were available, at the time this Malifaux Relic Hunters boxed set was probably my favorite one because it really has the Victorian Steampunk style that everyone seems to like so much. There are a lot of characters here in the 3 wastrel models and you could actually spend a lot of time on each one giving them more flamboyant scarfs, handkerchiefs, suits and shirt colors. The same goes for some of the models in the Lucius boxed set. You have to love the dog Luna (ohh, so cute). Sedir is another one you could really go to town on with an elaborate color scheme. It all hinges on Indiana Jones, I mean McCabe. He gets a mounted and dismounted model in this boxed set which actually kind of upset me because I painted the same model twice plus a horse! I actually prefer the dismounted model as I hate painting horses.

He's coming off looking a lot like Bruce Campbell where as mounted he looks more manga.

Malifaux Rail Crew

Here is the Malifaux Rail Crew boxed set. I really like the dark, gritty attitude of this crew. Mostly just dark colors and the flesh tones break up the darkness and give the models a bit of life and contrast. I like the metal arms and legs of the 3 lessers in the boxed set. The big man with the huge shovel is great. But my favorite part is how Mei Feng is how they chose to model Mei Feng's base as though she were levetating and trailing a debris field of broken wooden boards or to portray that she has just burst through the floor or ceiling to attack her enemies. Very Matrix-esque. I think that the ember came out too brown. I didn't have any red wash so I went with something that was both a little red and brown and so he came out looking more like The Thing from The Fantastic Four.

Malifaux Ten Thunders Archers

Here are some Malifaux Ten Thunders Archers. As I was painting them I noticed that they have the same color scheme as the Warhammer Quest Orc archers I painted years back. They have the same yellow tunics and they are also archers.

Hmm, as I take this picture I notice that I have missed the cloth around the side of their faces. I will go back and black that out. Also, I think they need some black belts to break up the yellow around their waists.

Malifaux Katanaka Snipers

Here are some Malifaux Katanaka Snipers. I followed the artwork on their stat cards. They have a very "batman" color scheme and remind my a lot of Bane.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Malifaux Sonia Criid Crew

Here is the Malifaux Sonia Criid boxed set painted up. I tried to follow the color scheme of the models on the box. The color matching is fairly consistent. The blue I use for most of the guild models is more of a blue gray than a blue green.

I do like the models from this boxed set and was looking forward to painting them. They are a welcome addition to my Guild faction.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flames of War US Infantry Company

This is my Flames of War US Infantry Company. I have been waiting for the F.O.W. website to update their online Forces of War application so I can remember what the units of my army are called and how much they cost as I rely on that army building software to keep track of all my units. I will update this page when the Overlord book gets added and I will put all the proper names and rearrange a few things. I am pretty sure that I have all the platoon groupings correct plus or minus a jeep or halftrack here and there. I do have a few other units in case I need to fill in some points here and there but these pictures represent the stuff I would most like to use in a game the next time I play. I have used this army as a Late War US Infantry Platoon out of the Overlord book and more recently out of the Mid War North Afrika book
Infantry Company HQ

M4A1 Sherman Platoon

155mm Artillery Platoon

105mm Artillery Platoon

M7 Priest Armored Artillery Platoon

Intelligence and Recon Jeep Platoon

Machine Gun Support Platoon

Infantry Platoon #1

Infantry Platoon #2

Infantry Platoon #3

M4A1 76mm Sherman Platoon

Grasshopper Artillery Spotting Plane

P-38 Lightning

Parachute Infantry Platoon

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fighters and Bombers

Here are some Chaos Fighters and Bombers for use in Battlefleet Gothic that I got off of Shapeways and that I bought for my Chaos Fleet. I bought these models at If you search for BFG you will find a whole group of products that people have designed for the now out of print Battlefleet Gothic game from Games Workshop. I didn't like the looks of them when I got them in the bag. They looked way too small and I cursed myself for getting burned and I confess I let them sit and off in a corner for at least a year. Now that they are glued onto their bases, which I got from I feel a lot better about the purchase and I think they look great when there's 3 to a base.
Chaos Doomwing Fighters

Chaos Doomfire Bombers

Chaos Dreadclaw Attack Craft