Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warhammer 40k Baneblade

Here is the Games Workshop Baneblade kit (not the Forge World Baneblade kit which I don't think is for sale anymore) ready for painting.

I guess I didn't take a picture of the tank just sprayed black, but as you can see I base coated the entire tank including the bottom with black spray paint. Then I used blue painter's tape to cover the tracks so that I could just drybrush them later after the camo of the tank was done.
Then I sprayed the entire tank with a sandy off-white color. This is the beginning of my camo color scheme. You can see how I sprayed over the painter's tape, but the tracks underneath the tape are kept black.
 Now that the tank has its first camo color on the model, I began to use the blue painter's tap to tape on a curved line camo scheme on the all parts of the tank. Note that I did each part of the tank separately to create a more complex camo scheme instead of just taping over the entire assemble model.


Then I sprayed the entire model dark green.

Then, after it was dry, I drybrushed the entire tank with catachan green. Note that the painter's tape is still on the model.

Then, after the model was dry, I remobed all of the painter's tape. As you can see, the taping has allowed me a very effective 2 tone camo scheme. The tracks are also ready to drybrush gray or silver. 

Here's the Baneblade next to a Destroyer Tank Hunter I painted in a similar way.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Warhammer 40k Commissar Yarrick

I love the Yarrick model. He brings a bit of badass to an army that doesn't have a lot of individual character as the Imperial Guard really on massive amounts of infantry and tanks.
I primed this model white so I could keep his carapace armor bright and in contrast to all the black and red of this model.
Step 1: Paint his commissar robes black.

Step 2: Paint his power klaw, hat and sash mechrite red foundation paint.

Step 3: Paint his tassels and other details iyanden darksun foundation paint. There are also some details I painted Calthan Brown (my favorite brown).

Step 4: Add some Devlan Mud Wash.

Step 4: Paint the Base Grey with a brown edge. I painted the skull on his sash white. I also painted the power tube grey on his power klaw.

Step 5: More towards being done.