Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fighters and Bombers

Here are some Chaos Fighters and Bombers for use in Battlefleet Gothic that I got off of Shapeways and that I bought for my Chaos Fleet. I bought these models at If you search for BFG you will find a whole group of products that people have designed for the now out of print Battlefleet Gothic game from Games Workshop. I didn't like the looks of them when I got them in the bag. They looked way too small and I cursed myself for getting burned and I confess I let them sit and off in a corner for at least a year. Now that they are glued onto their bases, which I got from I feel a lot better about the purchase and I think they look great when there's 3 to a base.
Chaos Doomwing Fighters

Chaos Doomfire Bombers

Chaos Dreadclaw Attack Craft

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