Monday, August 24, 2015

Malifaux Rail Crew

Here is the Malifaux Rail Crew boxed set. I really like the dark, gritty attitude of this crew. Mostly just dark colors and the flesh tones break up the darkness and give the models a bit of life and contrast. I like the metal arms and legs of the 3 lessers in the boxed set. The big man with the huge shovel is great. But my favorite part is how Mei Feng is how they chose to model Mei Feng's base as though she were levetating and trailing a debris field of broken wooden boards or to portray that she has just burst through the floor or ceiling to attack her enemies. Very Matrix-esque. I think that the ember came out too brown. I didn't have any red wash so I went with something that was both a little red and brown and so he came out looking more like The Thing from The Fantastic Four.

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