Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flames of War Tournament

Here are some pictures of a Flames of War tournament I attended at The Whiz store in Westborough, Massachusetts. The owner of The Whiz personally loves FOW and so they carry a wide range of products and they have a tournament (usually late war) at least once a month. They also have boxes upon boxes of terrain and playing mats and game boards. I have to say that they do a great job with this particular game. I try and attend when I feel up to the challenge. It was well attended as far as events like these go including a dedicated FOW group from Connecticut and some folks from Pennsylvania. I have played with some of these guys several times.

Here I tried to take a picture of the tables that were set up for the tournament.

Game 1. My opponent had almost all stugs.

Game 2. My opponent had 8 hellcats and veteran infantry which he had dug in around the objective.

Game 3. My opponent had 2 king tigers and veteran infantry in a building along with other elements hidden in the field.

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