Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lord of the Rings Isengard Uruk Hai

Here are pictures of my friend's Isengard army that I painted  for him. I feel responsible for him buying the stuff since I have a Minas Tirith army and was searching for an opponent. That had been sitting around his house for a while mostly assemble, some primed, so I offered to paint them up for him since I had a window of free time. I think they came out really nice. I really enjoyed painting the trolls and I think they look great - nice centerpieces for the army. I followed the color scheme from what I could find in pictures and online. Overall the color scheme is dark and menacing but I really like the dark flesh skin on most of the models. Some models, like the Uruk Hai Shaman and the Berzerkers in the Demolition Teams I gave a straight red skin tone to separate them from the rest of the army. Otherwise, the Shaman would have looked like another captain. Maybe someday, we'll actually play a game of LOTR. I'm in no hurry though.

Two Isengard Trolls.

Uruk Hai with swords and shields.

Uruk Hai pikemen

2 Demolition Teams

Isengard Command models.

Banner Bearers.


Uruk Hai Shaman


The White Hand himself, Saruman.

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