Sunday, October 5, 2014

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fleet

Here's my collection of Chaos cruisers for BFG. I've got the Repulsive Grand Cruiser in the middle followed by 2 Styx battlecruiser carriers, 2 Hades battlecruisers, 2 Devastation cruiser carriers, 2 Carnage cruisers, 2 Murder cruisers, 2 Slaughter cruisers. So, pretty much 2 of everything. No battleships for Chaos yet. I think the Repulsive will do well as my flagship. The Chaos battleships aren't as great as their Imperial counterparts - their strength lies in their cruiser classes. I need to pick up some small craft such as fighters, bombers and assault craft (especially assault craft) models for this chaos collection. Launching assault craft from carriers along with waves of fighters for protection and bombers for extra damage is what will give my Chaos fleet its edge. As I mentioned, the Chaos cruisers are very good with lots of battery fire and lances, but they need some ordnance to combat the Imperial Navy's powerful prow torpedoes that ignore shields. I'm working on painting some fighter and bomber bases for my Imperial Navy fleet, so after I finish those I'll purchase some Chaos small craft.

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