Thursday, February 20, 2014

Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Navy

Let me start by saying I love the idea of BFG even though I have never played a single game. I played BFG in it's original form when it was called Space Fleet. Battlefleet Gothic came out when I was in College so I missed out on the build up to playing when it was re-boxed and new (and still in production). The elimination of GW's specialty games has hit my ambition to some day play a game of BFG hard in the gut. Nevertheless, I was determined to paint up all my BFG collections because I like the models that much (really quite a lot of detail for those interested in finding it all) and it fills a different niche than X Wing does.

This is about 2,000 points of Imperial Navy and there's 2 ships of each kind of cruiser variant as they'll probably get squadroned together (if I ever play a game). They haven't been washed yet. I think I will go over them one more time checking for any tiny little hairs that collect in the portholes and any glaring stray brush strokes. When the weather gets better I'll seal them and give them a brown wash. As you can see, I went crazy with the yellow detailing. I started the yellow on the prows, then the weapon batteries, and then the rest of the model looked dull so then I decided to have yellow in every area - front, mid, and back.

I'm going to work on finishing up some metal Imperial escorts this weekend and I've got an Imperial battleship that needs the same yellow treatment. I wanted to finish up all the plastic ships first since they'll get the most use (I hope, some day, maybe). Then, I'm going start my Chaos fleet which will, like the Imperial Navy, be mostly cruisers. Also, according to the 2010 FAQ, Chaos Fleets can use Imperial escorts (and some cruisers as well), so I can put off getting any metal Chaos escorts and battleships off of ebay (that, and Chaos battleships aren't as useful as their awesome cruiser and battlecruiser variants).

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