Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Fighters and Bombers

Here are some Fighters and Bombers for use in Battlefleet Gothic that I got off of Shapeways and that I bought for my Imperial Navy Fleet. I bought the Starfury Fighters and the Avenger Bombers at www.shapeways.com. If you search for BFG while you are there you will find the whole group of products that people have designed for the now out of print Battlefleet Gothic game from Games Workshop. These particular products were designed by GrimDarkBits. I didn't like the looks of them when I got them in a bag. They looked way too small and I cursed myself for getting burned and I confess I let them sit and off in a corner for at least a year. Now that they are glued onto their bases, which I got from www.Litko.com btw, I feel a lot better about the purchase and I think they look great when there's 3 to a base.
Imperial Navy Starfury Fighters

Imperial Navy Avenger Bombers

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