Monday, January 5, 2015

Malifaux Nicodem Crew

Here is a Malifaux crew that I have painted for a friend. They are the Open Graves boxed set or the Nicodem Crew. I don't know that much about Malifaux right now other than looking through the books and seeing others play. I do like the models. They have a lot of macabre character. Especially this bunch. I think the zombies with katanas is actually very pop culture and hilarious, the vulture a cheap necessity in these sort of boxed sets, but the real prize is the Nicodem model himself and his henchman Mortimer. Nicodem is basically all coat, so I attempted a wet blending of grey on him. I actually came to like the Mortimer model a little more. I do wish he looked a little bit more evil and insane like his illustrations. The model's face makes him look a bit more like a dullard.

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