Friday, September 25, 2015

Malifaux Guild Austringers

I ended up painting two of each of these models - 2 for a friend and two for me since my primary faction is Guild. I'm told that these models are almost an auto-include in any crew. They are very dark with their blue gray Union, er I mean Guild overcoats. I brought them up a little bit with some bleached bone highlighting. I tried to pick out a few lines here and there to brighten things up a bit. In the end I didn't pay too much attention to the hawks they are wielding. These guys have some really small details and I got filled up working on these guys really quickly. It's funny because I had been looking forward to getting them for a while and when I got them I just wanted to get them done and over with. I really like the austringer on the right - the native american looking fellow. I don't like the austringer on the left. His face was hard to frame and the detail was hard to pick at from a funny angle. Probably why I got fed up with the models. I hope they drop many scheme tokens for me.