Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Necromunda Gangs

This is my Goliath Gang for the discontinued Games Workshop game, Necromunda. If you're seeing this, you're probably familiar with the game. This gang has been painted for at least a year, maybe two, but is only now getting a picture. There is 1 extra model in there beyond the original 8 that came in the box. I believe I had the heavy bolter heavy trooper before I got the rest of the gang on ebay.

This is my Van Saar Gang, again, for Necromunda. The game seems to have a cult following of people who play it back in the day when it was being produced. I think a lot of gamers got involved with it many years after it was discontinued to be honest. The internet has been fertile ground for spreading the popularity of this skirmish game set in the 40k universe. This gang I purchased off of a friend. It is just the original 8 gang members from the boxed set.

There are a few other gangs I like the style of, specifically the Cawdor Gang and also the Delaque Gang. The Cawdor Gang, aside from the Goliath Gang is my favorite stylistically. However, after trying to chase down the models on ebay the price never seems to be right when I'm looking to buy. Give me enough time and I'll get them I suppose. Unfortunately, no one is playing this in my circle of gaming friends. There was a little talk of using some of the gangs for Infinity.

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