Sunday, January 19, 2014

Warhammer 40k Legion of the Damned Squad

Legion of the Damned

These models are from the metal boxed set that came out before the finecast phase of Games Workshop's model production. In fact, they were most likely one of the last boxed sets to be produced in metal. The boxed set came with a sergeant with power axe and plasma pistol and a legionnaire with a flamer. In order to optimize this squad, it would be best to pick up a multi-melta trooper and convert a legionnaire to carry a meltagun or (and this is probably what I will do eventually) convert a trooper to carry a plasma cannon and a plasma gun. They have a nifty rule that allows all their weapons, including special and heavy weapons, to ignore cover. Theses guys took a long time to finish for various reasons. First, they are not a commonly used unit as people favor Sternguard Veterans much more. Second, each legionnaire is as like your painting a Chaplain, so you've got 5 Chaplains to paint (the sarge looks a lot like a Chaplain, right?). Third, the flames. Although the flames weren't hard to paint, it was another detail point that you had to accomplish over the stuff you would normally have to do to paint a regular marine. So, these legionnaires stayed about 75% done for probably about 2 years until I got tired of seeing them half finished and decided it was time. They came out pretty good I think. They're painted to a good table top standard, and, as usual, that's enough for me!

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